My name is Chad Stewart, and I am a freelance photographer based in Springfield, Missouri. I am a long time photographer, and am eager to give my clients an amazing photographic experience! As an individual I am able to dedicate more time and energy to meeting your exact expectations and my affordable pricing makes professional photography available to anyone. I always do everything I can to help make my end product line up with what you envision. I do not add on unnecessary costs, and above all else I do not deliver low quality to accompany a low price. I edit my photos using the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and I go far beyond simply adding a filter to a photo. There is skill in editing a photo, and that skill is what I bring to the table for my clients. I fix lighting, blemishes, shadows, colors, haze and more. I am not an enthusiast, I am a professional.


I prefer less of the typical cheesy, sometimes awkward poses other photographers leave you with. Instead, I want to capture natural and genuine moments as they happen. A photo does not need to be 100% predetermined, and often you can obtain the best results by doing the opposite. Poses help guide the moment, but they certainly do not determine it. Photography isn't just a job for me, it is my passion. I want to take my years of experience in photography and put it to work for you to help bring your story to life. I encourage you to look through my websites portfolio of photos, where you will see consistent quality and photos that are as unique as they are interesting.